“bundle of energy with focus on technique”

To become the coach that I am today, I was shaped by my past experiences as a professional ballet dancer, a musical performer, and being an aerial captain in Disney`s Musical Tarzan. Movement has always been part of my life and being in sync with my body brings me happiness. It´s a habit. It´s who I am! I am full of passion to teach, influence and motivate people to become physically and mentally the best and strongest version of themselves.

I try and find inspiration everywhere I go, in the people I interact with, in nature and in the little things in my everyday life. One of the most important aspects in life is to have fun and to be kind. When I can implement that in my days, that´s a win!

In my class you will find:

It’s all about clean form, mixed with dynamic movements

Favorite fitness activity:

Love killing myself in a crazy HIIT workout moving heavy weights (…sounds like Atomix)

Fun fact:

Japanese by heart, born and raised in Tokyo – a city like no other