“Athletes who took on massive challenges withstood the unbearable to achieve the unthinkable.”

Every time you step into the red room, you enter into a competition with your own struggle. I’ll step in that ring together with you to get you through all of it and to that next level of strength and power.

I bring my entire experience in sports and performance into every single class you’ll have with me. Make sure you walk out of each session with your head held high. I believe in the power of a good team, some massive beats and a lot of great vibes to get you to where you need to be: at your very best.

Favorite Fitness Activity:

Anything that comes with great music

Guilty pleasure:

Those damn pastry rolls with the pear filling! They’re just too good.

Won’t leave home without:

Water. I get super thirsty and chug water like there’s no tomorrow.