“Think about the feeling after you are finished with a class. When I don’t feel good, I’m tired or I have a headache, I go and move my body.”

I have always worked in an office environment and knew I was missing something. Due to the pandemic and not being able to go to the gym, I started my own fitness group in April 2020. Through this, I discovered my passion for motivating others and making them believe in themselves. Seeing people come to exercise and make progress makes me happy.

Training Philosophy:

Moving your body is not only for your well-being. It also clears your mind. And a stress-free mind makes room for many positive moments in life.

My motivation:

Give me all the abs exercises you have. I love to feel the burn!

Won’t leave home without:

My bottle of WATER. I once read an article that Jennifer Lopez’s only secret beauty tip is – you have guessed it – drink enough water a day!