“If you enjoy the workouts you do, the physical and mental results will follow.”

Thanks to 10 years of Personal Trainer experience and my high-level athletic background, I will help you improve your running technique and push you to get out of your comfort zone.

First, set achievable goals in accordance with your lifestyle. Make sure to free up some personal time during week. And above all, give yourself the luxury of training at least 3 times a week to notice physical results. A “Healthy Lifestyle” is a set that combines physical activity, balanced diet, and low-stress level.
By playing on the three levels the physical and mental results will follow.

55 minutes, punctuated by electronic sounds and an atmosphere “muy caliente”! I am waiting for you in the red room to build muscle and burn that fat!

Training Philosophy:

“You are what you eat” and “You look like how you train”

My motivation:

Seeing the body transformations of my clients is one of the greatest rewards

Won’t leave home without:

Music is part of my life. Never leave without my headphone